35 weeks!

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Life

Yeayyyy, almost done with 35 weeks. Entering 36 weeks. 9 months. I should be on standby now. Hohohoho. Can’t wait the little one to come out. My whole body is aching. And the latest one is mengah! N I don’t know how to overcome this. Fuh. Just walk there and here a bit, mengah. N the worst, I had to stop walking to catch my breath. How bad is that. I just figure out that I have hypertension. I had it before I was married. I did my best to take care of myself during pregnancy and it was fine until the 7 month check up. My BP has increased. SO, hahahaha. What can I say, terima seadanya. Hehe.

Oh, sambung di lain kali pula. Have to go back now.

  1. kurus says:

    Faith… Fadzilah.. Alfatihah buat dirimu di sana..indahnya dapat bertemu pencipta ditemani bidadari kecil mu faith..
    Ku baca setiap bait2 nukilan blog dirimu ini..mengenangkan maut menjemput tak kira masa. Berbahagialah dirimu di sana faith.. Kerna jihad mu dalam melahirkan seorang pewaris mujahiddin..walaupun tidak kesampaian..
    Al fatihah..

  2. kurus says:

    Faith… Fadzilah.. Alfatihah. ..
    R.I.P 16 september 2012

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